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FSU practice injury observations: Auden Tate leaves early

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The latest injury news from Florida State’s “closed” Monday practice.

NCAA Football: Clemson at Florida State Melina Vastola-USA TODAY Sports

FSU, without notice, decided to close all practices to the media. It's an unreasonable move, with questionable benefit to the team. But Florida State is a public university, and there is no way to prevent media from observing who is walking from the football facility to the practice field and back— And that’s exactly what I did.

Here’s Monday’s report with the team working out in shells.

Most notable, wide receiver Auden Tate left practice roughly 20 minutes early. He was walking gingerly back into the stadium with his helmet in hand and did not return. Jason Staples later tweeted that Tate is not seriously hurt.

Linebacker Matthew Thomas did not walk out of practice and Wayne McGahee of the Tallahassee Democrat reported that he did not see him walk into practice either. Jimbo Fisher stated in his press conference earlier on Monday that Thomas should be back at practice that day. In the end, all signs pointed to Thomas not being in attendance on Monday.

What we do know is linebacker Dontavious Jackson did not participate in practice as he continues to heal from a knee injury.

Offensive lineman Cole Minshew was also not spotted among his teammates walking back to the stadium, but a source later confirmed that he did practice.

Tight end Alexander Marshall has been out recovering from finger surgery. He was in a different hard cast today and walked out of the practice holding his helmet. I cannot confirm if he participated in practice, but I would lean towards him participating in some facet.

The same goes for defensive back Cyrus Fagan who walked out of practice with helmet in hand and his knee brace unstrapped down near his ankle. Fagan had been recovering from meniscus surgery.

After not participating anytime recently, signs pointed to defensive end Adam Torres returning to practice on Monday.

We’ll be back on Tuesday.