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Florida State podcast: Can the offensive line be better?

The No. 1 Florida State podcast returns with yet another episode.

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Bud Elliott and Ingram Smith return with another episode of the Nolecast, the No. 1 FSU podcast.

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Reviewing 2016

  • We were very encouraged by the depth, in particular on the interior & size (only one player of 19) weighing less than 300.
  • Thought that even if Rod Johnson went pro the foundation for long term success had been laid - in large part based on a freshman class, one that Rick Trickett called the best he ever had
  • We did have concern with depth at Tackle, noting very little after Rubble of any kind of fill in player
  • Had confidence in Trickett getting the most out of players and having the unit well posed for future
  • Wanted to see Baveon get some snaps to set up legit battle for 2017 starter role at Center
  • 9 different players started at least 2 games. Did not expect that.
  • The line was better at run blocking than pass pro, but not by as an extreme margin as one might think. Consider: FSU almost never ran Cook on passing downs (105th nationally), which was probably a mistake by Fisher (did break tendency against Michigan). On passing downs, FSU was throwing, and opponents knew it. And Francois held the ball forever and a day. On third-and-4 or more, Francois had a passer rating of 155.5, 10 touchdowns, zero interceptions, and five scrambles for first downs. What that stat doesn’t show is sacks, which he took a lot of.


  • Bruce Feldman ranked this unit at nations 6th best unit going into season
  • Tackles: Leonard, Kelly, Ball, Ruble, Frith
  • Guards: Dickerson, Minshew, Robbins, Arnold
  • Centers: Eberle, Boselli, Martinez
  • Out for year: Johnson, Williams, Scott