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Jimbo Fisher praises the Florida State football team at Media Day

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Fisher had some good things to say while addressing reporters at media day.

Before taking questions from the reporters present at Florida State’s media day, Fisher took a moment to reflect on his current team and praise them for their efforts so far.

“There is an urgency, I think there’s a great toughness to this team regarding competitives. I like the way they get after each other. They’re learning how to practice and you can tell sometimes when guys play hard and compete but at the same time respect the other guy on the team.”

Fisher also addressed the team’s upcoming season-opening Alabama game, which is now less than four weeks away, answering multiple questions regarding Bama’s perception of Florida State and how much of a “hype” game FSU’s head coach considers it.

“I think our non conference schedule has been and will be better than anyone’s in the country...We’re used to that environment.” Florida State will play both Alabama and Florida out of conference this season. The ’Noles have played an out of conference game (besides Florida) against a Power 5 team in three of the past four seasons.

You can watch Fisher’s press conference below:

Jimbo Fisher at Florida State Seminoles Football media day.

Posted by on Sunday, August 6, 2017