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FSU wide receivers coach Lawrence Dawsey believes in this year’s wideout group

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Florida State’s co-offensive coordinator says his unit is small in number, but large in talent.

Florida State’s wide receiver group entered the season with little depth, bringing in just seven scholarship wideouts.

That took a hit earlier this week when junior Da’Vante Phillips was arrested for fraud and immediately suspended from the team, knocking that number down to six.

In spite of those, FSU wide receivers coach Lawrence Dawsey has a lot of faith in this year’s unit.

The talent is there. They can get the job done,” Dawsey said at Sunday’s FSU Media Day. “If they continue to do what they have been doing the first five practices, it’s going to be a great year for Francois.”

For the two returning veterans of the group, Nyqwan Murray and Auden Tate, Dawsey’s message was a simple one.

“At the end of the day, do your job, whatever that requires,” Dawsey said. “Whether it’s blocking, catching, running on special teams, whatever, just do your job. That’s what is expected from Tate and Nyqwan, as well as the other guys, but those two guys have the experience, they’re the older guys now. The expectation now is just to do your job.”

Florida State Seminoles Football wide receivers coach/co-offensive coordinator Lawrence Dawsey believes this is the smallest and most talented wide receiver group he has coached at FSU.

Posted by on Sunday, August 6, 2017