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Offensive line coach Rick Trickett talks about the new age of recruiting

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Hear Rick Trickett talk about recruiting today compared to when Bobby Bowden was still leading FSU.

At Florida State Media Day, Florida State offensive lines coach Rick Trickett went in-depth regarding the recruiting process that Jimbo Fisher and his staff undergo 24/7 compared to what it was like when legendary head coach Bobby Bowden was leading FSU. He attributed the growth and success of Seminoles football to this new age of recruiting.

“Recruiting was changing at the end of coach Bowden’s time...I think the recruiting is a big change, that’s nothing on coach Bowden. This thing is 24/7 now and it wasn’t that way back in the day.”

Trickett showed a little of his personality, joking that he thinks he has become mellower during his tenure at Florida State before laughing.

He ended the session by talking about sophomore Landon Dickerson’s journey back to the team following an ACL injury that ended his freshman season prematurely. Trickett also talked about that mental hurdle one must go over after suffering such an injury.

You can watch the full interview below:

Florida State Seminoles Football Offensive lines coach Rick Trickett talks about the progress he and FSU have made over the years.

Posted by on Sunday, August 6, 2017