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Auden Tate talks about goals in practice, best trash talkers on the team

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Find out who the best trash talker on FSU is.

Wide receiver Auden Tate started off his interview speaking about the Florida State’s receiver goals in practice.

“Doing everything right the first time, getting rid of the mental lapses...We got all the physical traits in the world.”

He also went on to say that fellow DB Derwin James has the best trash talk on the team.

However, when asked about the best trash talker among the wide receivers, Tate was quick to single out Nyqwan Murray.

“He thinks of stuff so fast, on the fly. He just starts going at it and doesn’t stop. I tried to do it but that didn’t work out. I couldn’t think of enough things to say. I just catch my passes and get back to the row....That’s what makes practice fun. It’s serious, but at the same time you got guys going back at it, and its fun being out there with your teammates laughing and having fun, but at the same time working.

You can watch the full video of Auden Tate’s interview below or by clicking this link:

Auden Tate says that Nyqwan Murray is the best Florida State Seminoles Football wide receiver at trash talk.

Posted by on Tuesday, August 8, 2017