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FSU’s Nyqwan Murray on if he misses Showtime: "Nah!"

80 to 8 to 86 Showtime.

NCAA Football: Orange Bowl-Michigan vs Florida State Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

The 2016 Florida State football season was both unique and challenging.

And the Seminoles can thank premium network Showtime for that.

Last year, head coach Jimbo Fisher welcomed Showtime's college football docu-series, "A Season With ..., " into FSU's locker room and behind the scenes for a peek at how the Seminoles run their ship.

But while the wildly popular series made the players and the program instantly (more) famous, those meddling Showtime cameras will not be missed this year.

At least not by junior Florida State receiver Nyqwan Murray.

"Nah, man! I don't miss Showtime. Too many cameras everywhere," said Murray with a laugh. "Wake up? Cameras. Go to sleep? Cameras. There was cameras everywhere we were!"

Murray is coming off his best season at Florida State, finishing fourth on the team in catches a season ago with 30 receptions for 390 yards and one score. He did, however, concede that he was glad the Showtime series has moved on, it was an opportunity he was glad he and his teammates were afforded— especially when Showtime chose to briefly profile his grandmother's passion for Florida State football in one of the episodes.

"It was a good experience, though," he said.

Showtime, which profiled Notre Dame two years ago in the inaugural run of "A Season With,” turned its attention to Florida State in Season 2 and now shifts the focus to Navy this fall. The first episode of Season 3 airs Sept. 5, with a new episode to follow every Tuesday.