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FSU coach Odell Haggins wants everyone to know: It's not Florida State, it's Florida State University

For Haggins, it’s not about the U. It’s about the University.

NCAA Football: Orange Bowl-Michigan vs Florida State Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Florida State defensive line coach Odell Haggins doesn't focus much on anything outside of Tallahassee come football season.

He doesn't know who the Seminoles are playing in Week 5. Or how they stack up against the rest of the ACC. Or even what personnel No. 1 Alabama's offensive line will have come Sept. 2 for their opener in Atlanta.

Frankly, he doesn't care.

What he does care about is Florida State football.

Check that: Florida State University football.

Go ahead, ask Haggins a question— any question. And you'll be sure to get his alma mater's full name almost 100% of the time he replies, as well as a strong emphasis on the word University.

"According to ESPN and you guys, (our season opener is) the biggest game ever," said Haggins. "But according to us, we respect Alabama, so it's going to be a great game. But we gotta worry about Florida State University."

The longest-tenured member of the Seminoles' coaching staff, Haggins is entering his 23rd season as a coach after starring as a player himself on the defensive line from 1986-89. So his love for FSU runs deep— and you can hear it when he talks about his school's mammoth showdown awaiting them in less than two weeks.

"Work hard. Practice hard," Haggins said as what he wants to see between now and Sept. 2.

I don't know what Alabama has. I don't know their personnel. I'm not trying to be sarcastic. We just need to work on Florida State University. I don't know what they have. I watch film. I look at this. Yeah, they big and strong and they're athletic and they've won a lot of national championships the last couple years. Respect that. But we have to worry about what we have to do at Florida State University to be successful.