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Jimbo Fisher Call-In Show updates/takeaways: NC State week

Here’s the rundown of what was discussed during Fisher’s third call-in show of the year

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After a nearly three week break thanks to Hurricane Irma, there was lots to talk about on Jimbo Fisher’s Call-In Show on Wednesday night.

Here’s a quick breakdown of some of the bigger topics:

FSU’S EXTENDED TIME OFF AND ITS AFFECT: Just as expected, the first couple of questions during Wednesday night’s Jimbo Fisher Call-In Show centered on the team’s three week layoff between games — one of the longest stretches in school history. Ahead of Saturday’s home and ACC opener against N.C. State, Fisher addressed two points: His team’s psyche after such a long break and the physical toll it could have on starting quarterback and true freshman James Blackman after going from light contact practices, to real game speed and physicality. As for the Seminoles’ overall mindset during the three weeks, Fisher said there have been times when they’ve unknowingly fallen back into “bad habits” that the coaching staff has had to then re-break — but that this is to expected with young men. Fisher was also asked about whether he was worried about Blackman not being ready for the kind of hits he’ll take against N.C. State, and the coach reassured that Blackman has had plenty of contact during practices — and even said he’s shown signs of being that “alpha” leader on offense the way Derwin James is on defense.

CAM IN THE WILDCAT: More than once Wednesday, Fisher was asked about whether he would using true freshman running back Cam Akers as MORE than just a running back. One caller wanted to see him at quarterback, another suggested the Wildcat formation and a third even went so far as to recommend Fisher look at using Akers in the “wishbone.” LOL - Yes, the WISHBONE! After each question, Fisher broke into a small laugh and said just the same thing all three times: Fans clamoring for Akers to be all-world right away need to take a step back. This is only his second game EVER. And placing that much on responsibility on him that fast was an unreasonable expectation. He did, however, follow up each time and say that he realizes there are more than one ways to utilize Akers’ talents, but that right now he’s wants to focus on “giving Cam some time to learn one position” first, then look at other possibilities. As for a quick midseason switch to the wishbone formation? Yeah ... no. You do you, Georgia Tech.

THE GRASS VS. TURF DEBATE: Fisher was asked Wednesday how much his players notice the difference playing on real grass surfaces compared to artificial turf. Answer: A lot. “They do,” Fisher said. “If you’re inside on that turf more than 2 days, it kills you. It’s soft. Hard on the lower body. Especially those skill guys. Their hips, their knees. With the force the run with … they hate it if we have to be indoor more than 2 days in a row." Fisher said the team was forced inside Wednesday because of the lightning, and that there have been too many indoor days recently for his and the Seminoles’ liking due to the weather.

THE LIGHTER SIDE OF JIMBO: One caller wanted to know what Jimbo’s favorite TV show was Wednesday. Fisher said “Film. I don’t have time to watch TV. It’s game film. Whoever we are playing is my favorite TV show. And it changes every week." ... Another caller asked who the coach’s biggest influences were in his life, and Fisher didn’t hesitate by saying his mom and dad. Fisher said he learned to lead from his dad (a former coal miner) and got his wits from his mom, who was a chemistry and physics teacher for 51 years. ... Fisher’s son Trey is a student, and quarterback, at North Florida Christian, and Trey was honored the other night for a big game he had recently. Fisher was asked about it and then quickly ran off Trey’s stats from the game and paid him a compliment on his progress as a young, up-and-coming quarterback ... One caller asked what Fisher looks for in a coach he hires for his staff. “No. 1 thing we look for is loyalty. You gotta have guys you trust,” he said. “And they have to understand the game – the Xs and Os, but also the sacrifices that go with it. It’s a tough, demanding life. But loyalty, trust and character right off the bat is what I look for.”

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