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Jimbo Fisher thrilled to see FSU’s extended break nearing its end

After 21 days, the Seminoles will finally return to the gridiron.

NCAA Football: Boston College at Florida State Glenn Beil-USA TODAY Sports

The beginning of Florida State’s 2017 season has been one of the more unusual in program history.

In fact, this may even feel somewhat like the start of a new season to FSU.

After participating in a month-long fall camp leading up to the season opener against Alabama, the Seminoles have been out of action for 19 days. By the time kickoff against NC State comes on Saturday, it will have been 21 days.

Now, this was not a stretch of entirely consistent practicing as Hurricane Irma prevented the team from practicing for a few days two weeks ago. Still, this three-week period has been looked at as almost a second fall camp of sorts for those within the program.

With this come certain positives.

“You see the energy level and you see focus and the urgency to do it,” Jimbo Fisher said of the attitude he has seen from his team this week and how it parallels an opening week.

However, with this advantage also come some potential drawbacks which could prove problematic on Saturday.

“Not try to press yourself. You worry about that as a coach because you haven’t played in so long,” Fisher said of his concern entering what amounts to essentially FSU’s second opening game of the 2017 season. “Guys want to do so good, so quick. You just have to call the play, do the assignment.”

Fisher has also seen some similarities between this week and a fall camp week in terms of how much the team is ready for a non-friendly opponent.

“They’re just tired of seeing each other,” Fisher joked on Thursday. “I’m tired of seeing them. I want to see them playing against someone else.”

Fisher will finally get that chance Saturday when the Seminoles end their unexpected reprieve against the Wolf Pack in their home opener.