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NC State’s Bradley Chubb celebrates win at FSU by spitting on midfield Seminole logo

That C on his jersey doesn’t stand for “class.”

North Carolina State v North Carolina Photo by Grant Halverson/Getty Images

If you watched North Carolina State topple No. 12 Florida State on Saturday afternoon, you certainly saw plenty of NC State defender Bradley Chubb. After all, Chubb was everywhere, registering seven tackles, a pair of sacks, and a forced fumble. You could say that Chubb left it all on the field— and then some.

Because as the clock ran down on FSU’s disappointing home opener, Chubb, with an upset victory in hand, ran out to midfield and hocked one up on the iconic Seminole logo. This, of course, is where Florida State symbol Osceola, atop his spotted Appaloosa, Renegade, plants his flaming spear to open each ’Nole home game. Chubb, apparently, felt that he should plant his spittle as well.

While spitting is a routine part of athletic competition, and Chubb’s is certainly not the first on Bobby Bowden Field, spitting to demonstrate contempt for someone or something is a vulgar, uncouth act. Here it is: