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FSU’s Josh Sweat confused by targeting penalty and ejection of Jacob Pugh

The Seminoles’ junior defensive end can only laugh at the call that knocked teammate out of the game

Josh Sweat and the Florida State defense shouldered much of the blame following Saturday’s 27-21 upset loss to N.C. State.

But as for that questionable targeting call on teammate Jacob Pugh in the third quarter - when Pugh went to block a pass and his hand made contact with the helmet of receiver Gavin Locklear - Sweat thinks that one may be on the refs.

“That Jake stuff, I don't know what that was. I don't know,” Sweat said as he shook his head repeatedly, trying to find the words to describe his feelings about the call. “I mean, if you're trying to block the ball from being thrown ...”

Sweat trailed off and then let out a laugh before adding: “If we can't do that anymore, then how can we play football, know what I mean? If you get targeting for that? I don't know. I just don't know.”

The Wolfpack’s drive was extended with the call, yet didn’t result in any points. But with Florida State trailing 17-13 at the time, the Seminoles couldn’t afford to be on the wrong side of any bad breaks.

Sweat said the call - which means Pugh is now suspended for the first half for next week’s game against Wake Forest - compounded a “frustrating” day for Florida State.

“It was pretty frustrating. I'll be honest,” said Sweat, who added the Seminoles needed to move on quickly from the loss. “Don't hang our heads. Go back to practice. Get even stronger. Don't blame anybody.”

You can check out the full video of Patrick’s postgame interview below.

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Posted by on Saturday, September 23, 2017