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Ricky Aguayo talks about being iced from a kicker’s perspective

The Florida State kicker chimes into the discussion of icing a kicker.

North Carolina v Florida State Photo by Jeff Gammons/Getty Images

Many times before crucial field goals, opposing coaches will call a timeout— or in NC State vs. FSU’s case, three— in an attempt to “ice” the kicker and get him to miss the kick.

FSU kicker Ricky Aguayo was iced on his second attempt of the game following a 30-yard miss earlier in the contest. He compared the strategy to what he does in video games. In the NFL, you are not allowed to call more than one consecutive timeout, in college, there is no rule prohibiting that.

When he was asked if he thinks icing is an effective technique on kickers, Aguayo said for him, it wasn’t. He gave the reasoning that it gave him extra time to get ready and make sure his techniques was all set.

Following that first missed field goal, Aguayo made his final four attempts of the game.

You can watch the full interview below or by clicking this link:

Florida State Seminoles Football kicker Ricky Aguayo discusses being iced three consecutive times by NC State.

Posted by on Tuesday, September 26, 2017