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Updated Vegas odds for future Florida State games are optimistic

Though the same coaching errors persist, Vegas cannot ignore FSU’s talent.

Texas State at Florida State Photo Gallery

Florida State is off to an awful start to its 2017 season. The Seminoles are 0-2. They’ve lost QB Deondre Francois. Many of the poorly coached areas of years past, especially receiver and defense, are continually making mistakes.

Yet oddsmakers are keeping the faith.

According to 5Dimes Casino, FSU is still going to be favored over Louisville and Florida, and will still be a single-digit underdog at Clemson.

Surprisingly, FSU is still favored by 6.5 points in Tallahassee hosting Louisville a month from now. This implies FSU would be favored by a field goal on a neutral field, and a pick’em at Louisville.

Unsurprisingly, Florida State is an underdog at Clemson, but it is surprising perhaps that the Tigers are favored by only 9.5 points.

And FSU is currently favored by 3.5 points at Florida, despite the fact that the Gators already have wins over Tennessee and Kentucky, which apparently Vegas does not care about. This line implies FSU would be favored by 7 on a neutral field and by roughly 10 in Tallahassee.

Florida State still has some great players. It is the fault of the coaching staff, a top-five paid unit nationally, that it cannot get these superior athletes to line up correctly, or routinely focus on the right thing. But Vegas cannot afford to ignore the level of athleticism on this team.

A line for the Miami game is not available. The Hurricanes are favored in all of their listed games, however (North Carolina, Georgia Tech, Pitt, and Notre Dame). Florida is an underdog against LSU, FSU, and Georgia, but is still favored against Texas A&M.