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Nolecast: Florida State vs. Wake Forest preview

The No. 1 Florida State podcast previews the Wake Forest game.

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Bud Elliott and Ingram Smith return with another episode of the Nolecast, the No. 1 FSU podcast.

The Nolecast is available on Apple Podcasts (iTunes), Stitcher, Google Play Music, Soundcloud, Overcast, and many other fine podcast providers.

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As always, The Nolecast is brought to you by Louisiana Hot Sauce, and the fine restaurants of the Tallahassee For The Table Restaurant Group (Madison Social, Township, and Centrale).

Listen to the show on the player below this article, or click here to listen.

The Show rundown/notes are as follows

What Wake Forest does on defense

  • 4-2-5 D
  • Smaller up front, a lot of stunts and movement to create Havoc (they do a good job of it)
  • Defensive ends are pretty good, with Duke Ejiofor and LB Jaboree Williams
  • Force you to drive, deny big plays.

How Florida State’s offense should attack Wake Forest

  • We do not believe Auden Tate will be able to play.
  • Largely same game plan as last week. It was OK except for the red zone issues, but FSU moved the ball and created several scoring chances.
  • Use tight ends and backs to help create protection for deep shots
  • Run the football
  • Use Pistol to create better downhill PA looks than shotgun.
  • Need Keith Gavin to play with confidence and Noonie Murray to play with maturity

What Wake Forest’s offense does

  • All gun, typically 1-back, with a tight end. Mixing empty.
  • Wake Forest OL is not that big
  • QB John Wolford is tremendous at riding out the RPO give/pull and throw decision until the last possible second. Almost all of Wake Forest’s big plays come from wide open receivers after good playfakes. This makes sense. On downs where playfakes don’t work (long downs), Wake ranks 115th nationally. On downs where playfakes do work, the Decons rank 40th. Huge difference (bigger than N.C. State’s difference).
  • Wolford is not a burner, but is a capable runner. 43-291 (6.8) on the year. They are not afraid to run him a lot.
  • Big draw team on 2nd/3rd-long.
  • RB Cade Carney is not explosive, but will fall forward.

How Florida State’s defense should attack Wake Forest

  • Matthew Thomas was a full participant at practice all week per our sources. Is Hoskins going to be healthy?
  • What scheme FSU should use against Wake Forest, and why man coverage makes a lot of sense..
  • The front needs to win battles.
  • Derwin in the slot still makes sense
  • Use Lane and Westrbrook at safety I guess?

Against empty, maybe try Marshall at LB?