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Levonta Taylor thinks FSU defense can improve by creating more turnovers

No forced turnovers against Alabama was a disappointment to the sophomore cornerback.

The Florida State defense put together an undeniably strong performance against Alabama in the Seminoles’ season opener against the Crimson Tide.

That being said, there’s one important area that left plenty of room for improvement: turnovers.

In FSU’s 24-7 loss to the Tide, the Seminoles committed three turnovers and forced zero. This after FSU forced 23 turnovers (15 interceptions and eight fumbles) in 13 games a year ago.

In fact, the Seminoles were kept without a turnover in only one game last year (Boston College).

Now, Alabama is a team notorious for taking care of the ball so this shouldn’t come as a shock to many. Still, FSU cornerback Levonta Taylor shared on Monday that this was something the Seminoles worked hard on over the offseason and he knows they can do better.

“That was our goal in the summer and spring,” Taylor said. “We want to create takeaways and score, have the best defense in the country. All that ties together.”

Defensive back Levonta Taylor talks about the Florida State Seminoles Football defense vs. Alabama.

Posted by on Monday, September 4, 2017