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UF’s McElwain can’t beat FSU, Alabama, or Michigan, but wants to be a “real program” like them

Hey, he said it, folks.

NCAA Football: Florida at Florida State Melina Vastola-USA TODAY Sports

It’s important to have standards. And that’s not lost on Florida Head Coach Jim McElwain, who set the bar recently in Gainesville. You see, in two years at UF, McElwain is 0-2 against the best team in his state (FSU), 0-2 against the best team in his conference (Alabama), and 0-2 against a team coached by a Dockers commercial (Michigan). And McElwain thinks that that’s “fair.” After all, per McElwain, the Gators “strive to be” where they are (ostensibly, that would be on the winning side of a big game).

And just “where” are these teams to which McElwain and Florida aspire? For McElwain, they’ve achieved a rarified position that he doesn’t think his own squad has: namely that they are “real programs.” I’m not sure there are specific criteria for being a “real program,” but I’m fairly certain that if you’re an “offensive guru” like McElwain, scoring more than four offensive touchdowns in your six losses to them would probably be a solid first step. Hell, just getting one against the Seminoles would be a start. Check it out: