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Updates: Hurricane Irma threat looms large over Florida State football fans' homes

The latest news and trajectory of Hurricane Irma.

Update 11:00 PM 9/5: The latest 11 PM advisory:

Update 4:35 PM 9/5: The Miami Dolphins vs. Tampa Bay Buccaneers games scheduled to be played in Miami on Sunday will not take place as originally scheduled.

UPDATE 3:19 PM 9/5: Broward County has announced all public schools will be closed Thursday and Friday.

UPDATE 2:46 PM 9/5: Broward County schools have moved 15 of its 16 scheduled football games from Friday to Wednesday.

UPDATE 2:38 PM 9/5: UCF has moved its game to Friday at 6:30 PM due to Hurricane Irma.

UPDATE 2:25 PM 9/5: Miami-Dade public schools will be closed on Thursday and Friday. All after school programs and extra circulars will be cancelled beginning at the end of the school day on Wednesday.

UPDATE 1:46 PM 9/5: Here is the 2 PM Advisory and forecast map:

It appears Hurricane Irma is Florida bound, and, possibly, quite strong. GFS model shows landfall around Florida City/Homestead approximately early Sunday, with 892 mb pressure - which would make it the strongest landfall ever in Florida.

Florida State has a home game scheduled for Saturday night against ULM and at the moment should not see any impact. If the storm does continue on its path and rumbles right up the middle of Florida, Tallahassee could see some damage that may affect FSU’s Week 3 home match-up vs. Miami.

There is, however, one very unlikely situation that could affect FSU’s game this upcoming Saturday. If a large portion of the South Florida population evacuates (which they should if the models continue the trend) it could cause state emergency personnel to assist those citizens instead of being at the Florida State game. A somewhat similar situation occurred last season between Florida and LSU which caused its meeting to be moved from Gainesville to Baton Rouge.

To put on a football game of this magnitude and the number of people that come into Gainesville, it’s an extraordinary amount of people. Emergency personnel, police, ticket-takers, ushers, you name it. Those resources were not going to be available to us. Every police department in the area indicated to us that their resources would be deployed elsewhere, as did emergency medical people.

The Miami Hurricanes wont have to worry about having their game rescheduled as UM will already be in Jonesboro, Arkansas for a road game at Arkansas State— Because when you're Miami, you schedule a road game at Arkansas State.

The only D1 college football game happening Saturday night in South Florida, which may be affected, is FIU’s currently scheduled 7:30 PM kickoff against Alcorn State.

In the NFL, there are rumblings of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers at Miami Dolphins game, currently scheduled for 1:00 PM on Sunday, being moved to an earlier date or different location.

Here are some good sites for monitoring Irma and other hurricanes:

Weather Underground has the best/easiest to use tropical storm website. Their 5 day and computer models images are easy to read/use:

To get a little nerdier, you can look at the models themselves. GFS is considered the most accurate with regards to tracking. Intensity modeling is more difficult, but it gives a good idea of what may happen. This one runs every 6 hours.

GFS model:

The below GIF is a forecast GIF on GFS model based on the 6:00 AM run of the GFS model (courtesy of Tropical Tidbits):

Euro model is another key model, and it has been nearly as accurate as GFS in recent years.

Euro (ECMWF) model:

Note from Andrew Miller: I was born and raised in Ft. Lauderdale (30 miles north of Miami) and have experienced many severe hurricanes such as Wilma, Katrina and Charlie growing up. I can not express enough how important it is to heed the danger of a storm of this magnitude; particularly to South Floridians whom have never experienced a major hurricane before. Please do not take this lightly and be safe, everyone.