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FSU football bye-week hangout

It’s time for a break.

NCAA Football: Virginia Tech at Florida State Tallahasse Democrat-USA TODAY NETWORK

We here at Tomahawk Nation sincerely hope that all of you have emerged from Hurricane Michael with minimal damage. After such a harrowing week, many of you likely have a great deal of work to do around your respective homesteads, but just as many could probably use a well-deserved break. That’s where college football comes in.

There’s no Seminoles game this weekend, but you can still unwind in front of the television (or maybe a friend’s, if you’re waiting for your power to come back on). And when you do you can hang out with our staff and your fellow TN readers and commenters in the comments section below. Because no FSU football doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t still judge other teams.

Here are the games featuring ranked teams, by time slot:


  • Minnesota at #3 Ohio State (FS1)
  • #14 Florida at Vanderbilt (ESPN)
  • Tennessee at #21 Auburn (SECN)

2:30 pm:

  • Pittsburgh at #5 Notre Dame (NBC)

3:30 pm:

  • #2 Georgia at #13 LSU (CBS)
  • #7 Washington at #17 Oregon (ABC)
  • Michigan State at #8 Penn State (BTN)
  • Baylor at #9 Texas (ESPN)
  • #10 UCF at Memphis (ABC/ESPN2)
  • #22 Texas A&M at South Carolina (SECN)

7:00 pm:

  • Missouri at #1 Alabama (ESPN)
  • #6 West Virginia at Iowa State (FS1)
  • #16 Miami at Virginia (ESPN2)

7:30 pm:

  • #15 Wisconsin at #12 Michigan (ABC)

10:30 pm:

  • #19 Colorado at USC (FS1)