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Janarius Robinson discusses the fallout of Hurricane Michael and how football is helping him cope

The sophomore returned to practice yesterday after spending time with family and assessing the damage back home.

In the wake of Hurricane Michael, Florida State defensive end Janarius Robinson’s hometown of Panama City was left devastated. While Robinson and his family evacuated to Georgia during the storm, they returned to find that they had lost their home. Human safety is the number one concern in a storm like Michael, but the sentimental value of a family home is something that can’t be replaced. Robinson has set up a gofundme that has been cleared by the NCAA if you wish to donate to his family and aide their recovery.

Robinson returned to practice yesterday and spoke to the media before today’s practice about how football is helping him persevere through the tragedy of losing his childhood home.

“It’s been better getting back to practice after going through what I have for the last week and a half,” Robinson said. “It’s a time for me to get my mind away and off of things that have happened. I come out here to get my mind off of it and get back to work with my brothers.”

Robinson said that his mother, who also grew up in the home, wanted him to get back to FSU so he could focus on school and football.

“She wanted me to get my mind off of it and focus on things because this is a way that I can get my family back on its feet. Coming out here and doing what I can to help my family, that could put me in a good situation.

Robinson feels like he is in good hands with his Florida State family and knows that he has the support of those around him.

“I feel like I can get the same type of support, especially with the environment that i’m around with the fans and people that have a lot of support for me. I feel like that can help me and my family get back on our feet.”

As this is being written, Robinson’s gofundme has already raised over 16,000 dollars in 15 hours and has been a trending campaign on the website all morning. Hats off to you, ‘Noles fans.