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FSU returning to more traditional uniforms for rivalry showdown with Miami

A classic look for a timeless hatred.

NCAA Football: Florida State at Miami Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Some games just don’t need any further dressing up, and Florida State against Miami is one of those rivalries. The Seminoles battling the Hurricanes is always enough, in and of itself. No two-toned helmets required.

The ’Noles announced last night that they would sport their standard road uniforms for this Saturday’s contest against the ’Canes in Miami Gardens. That means that it’s back to the iconic gold helmets, white jerseys, and gold pants. This will be the second time this season that FSU has gone with this uniform combination. The other occasion was when Florida State traveled to Syracuse. Of course, the Seminoles hope that this matchup will turn out differently than that catastrophe, and recent history has smiled on the ’Noles in Miami. The last time the ’Canes topped FSU at home was 2004. But Vegas likes the Hurricanes’ chances, having installed them as substantial favorites, for the time being.