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Cam Akers says he needed long rushing TD, but never lost his confidence

Akers rushed for season-high 98 yards in rout of Wake Forest.

NCAA Football: Wake Forest at Florida State Glenn Beil-USA TODAY Sports

In Florida State’s dominant win over Wake Forest, RB Cam Akers rushed for a total of 98-yards and more than he did in his past two games combined. He rushed 42-yards total against Louisville and 46-yards total against Miami.

At the start of the third quarter, Akers finally broke loose for two huge gains. The first was a 17-yard rush that set up the second-play; a 58-yard rush up the middle that ended with Akers in the end zone.

On the two-play scoring drive, Akers mentioned how big plays can have an important influence on the momentum of the game.

“I just feel like when I get rolling, if I make a big play, there’s going to be a lot of big plays after that. If I get a 17-yard gain, that’s momentum. We’re at home, that’s momentum. Got the momentum on your side and you’ve got your mind made up, and big things will happen.”

Akers also explained how his 58-yard touchdown was a turning point this season for him. He said “I needed it a lot, I guess. It’s just a big weight off my shoulders just to break a long one. That’s what I’m used to doing. So to be able to come out and break a long one for a touchdown, that’s just a big weight off my shoulders.”

In 2017, Akers rushed for 1,025 yards averaging 82.4 yards per game, 5.5 yards per play through 13 games. He rushed over 100-yards in four games with a career-high 199-yards in the game against Syracuse. This 2018 season, Akers has currently rushed for 362 yards, averaging 60.3 yards per game, 4.11 yards per play through 6 games.

When asked if he was frustrated with his production this season Akers didn’t appear to be phased and said that it “wasn’t really frustrating, (but that it was) a learning experience. I want to learn from it so I don’t really have a slump like that again.”

Florida State entered the contest against Wake Forest ranked 126 in rushing offense and only averaging 2.69 yards per rush. On Saturday afternoon, the Seminoles averaged 4.6 yards per rush and Akers mentioned that he felt Seminoles run game “is right there. I think y’all saw a lot today. The line, we’re coming along on the line. I’m coming along. 9 is coming along. Being patient, trusting it, we’re right there.”

He further praised his offensive line and how far they’ve come this season. The unit didn’t allow any sacks for the second time this season and Akers said “I appreciate them, they’ve been working hard these past six weeks, seven weeks. You see the progression that they’ve had.”

Watch the full post-game interview below.

RB Cam Akers media availability

Florida State running back Cam Akers speaks to the media following the Seminoles' rout of Wake Forest.

Posted by on Sunday, October 21, 2018