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FSU depth chart for Clemson includes change at running back, two receivers dropped

Offensive line continuity? That’s a thing?

NCAA Football: Northern Illinois at Florida State Glenn Beil-USA TODAY Sports

By now, you’re used to these weekly depth-chart pieces including overhauls of Florida State’s tenuous offensive line situation. Along those lines, we’ve got some news. But maybe you should sit down to hear this. There are absolutely zero offensive line changes from last week’s depth chart to this week’s. I know. It felt weird to type.

There are, however, changes among the offensive skill positions, both in the backfield and out wide. After starting the first five games at tailback, Cam Akers has seen Jacques Patrick get the starting nod in the last two contests, and Akers’ position atop the running back depth now includes an “OR” with Patrick.

At the receiver spot, one position had been listed as Keith Gavin, George Campbell, and then Warren Thompson, but it now includes just Gavin and Tre’Shaun Harrison, as Campbell and Thompson have been omitted form the chart entirely. Another WR slot had featured Tamorrion Terry, Ontaria Wilson, and Harrison, but is now down to just the former pair after Harrison’s move.

There are no changes to the defensive or special teams depth.