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Stanford Samuels III describes what FSU-Miami rivalry means to him

Big plays against the Hurricanes run in the family.

A Penbrook Pines native, and son of a former ‘Nole, Stanford Samuels III was born into the FSU-Miami rivalry. Samuels and his family are no strangers to making big plays against Miami, and in his first experience against the Hurricanes last year as a true freshman, Samuels nabbed his first career interception for the Seminoles. But, the last name is currently most famous for his father’s hit on Miami’s Roscoe Parrish in 2002. Samuels was actually in attendance for the legendary play that put Parrish in the hospital and his father in the history books. Unfortunately, Samuels missed the hit, but you can’t really blame a three year old Samuels.

“I was actually at the game when it happened,” Samuels said. “But, I was asleep in the stands somehow through all the rain. I was probably like 10 the first time I went on YouTube and saw it with a couple of my friends. I’ve seen it ever since. It’s pretty much stuck in my head now.”

Samuels is certainly familiar with what is at stake come game day. When asked if his father offers any words of motivation leading up to the game, Samuels insisted that no extra motivation is needed.

“You don’t need words or a pep talk to get you riled up for this one,” Samuels said. “This is one of the games you come to Florida State for. This is one of the biggest games of the year. It’s a big rivalry game.”

Paired with his father’s legacy, Samuel growing up in South Florida adds to his roots in the rivalry. Samuels grew up playing with kids that are currently on Miami’s roster and the bragging rights are all the motivation he needs. Samuels says it’s not uncommon for kids to choose one school over the other for a chance to continue playing against each other.

“It’s a preference thing,” Samuels said. “Personally, I know some guys go to Miami and some guys wait to see who goes where and then go to the opposite school just because coming from down south you love the competition. So, just knowing that the competition is going to be there and you have to play them every year and it’s going to be one of the biggest games every year is big.”

Players often say this a game where you can make a name for yourself. Like his father, Samuels is embracing the opportunity to leave his mark.

“That would be huge,” Samuels said. “That’s what you work for. That’s what you put the hard work in for. These moments like this when it’s the limelight and the shine is super big. You want to make that big play to always be remembered whenever you get the chance to make it in the biggest rivalry game of the year.”

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Posted by on Wednesday, October 3, 2018