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FSU HC Willie Taggart on health of his O-line and what FSU-Miami means to recruiting

Taggart is hopeful for the return of one linemen, while another is questionable.

Last week against Louisville the offensive line regained some consistency with the return of Landon Dickerson. Dickerson had to knock some rust off and committed some inexcusable penalties, but the line also didn’t give up a sack for the first time in a LONG time.

The ‘Noles were already going to have their hands full with Miami’s defensive line, and as of now, it looks like its going to be a tough ask to get Dickerson back on the field against the Hurricanes. They’re hopeful, however, to see the return of Derrick Kelly.

“It’s a possibility,” Taggart said. “They keep coming along and are getting better. We feel really good about Derrick, and Landon we’re not sure. He re-aggravated his ankle again. He’s a tough kid and loves to play. He did a good job for us. If it was anybody else I’d probably say no, but when it’s Landon, you can’t ever count him out. Especially in a game like this.”

Even with both Kelly and Dickerson back, the line was going to struggle to keep Francois off his back for a second straight week. We’ll need to see their best effort of the year for FSU’s offense to have a chance to get going.

With the trip to Miami just two days away, we’re reminded that this will be Willie Taggart’s first time in the line of fire of one of the most heated rivalries in football. Being on the field is a whole different beast, but growing up a Florida State fan, he knows what to expect from the Miami crowd.

“Yeah, I’ve seen it and I expect for them to be crazy.”

Taggart expanded on this point when he talked about needing no extra motivation in a physical rivalry like FSU-Miami.

“I don’t have to hope for it,” Taggart said. “I think every time you see this game and whenever you see this rivalry you’re going to see big plays on both sides of the field. You’re going to see some physicality out there and some talented athletes on the football field. I think we all know that. That’s what makes this rivalry so special and why this game of football is so special, games like this and seeing so many talented athletes going out there and playing like their hair is on fire. It’s pretty cool to see.”

A win over the Hurricanes isn’t just important to the fans and the current Seminoles roster. Taggart says just playing down in the recruiting hotbed of Miami is tantamount to Florida State’s recruiting class— a win over the Hurricanes would go a long way.

“It’s great you get the chance to go down there with some of the guys you’ve been recruiting,” Taggart said. “They get to see you playing live. It’s a long drive up from Miami, so they don’t get always get a chance to see you in person. But, they get to see it in person live and get to be part of that rivalry and see what that game is like. I think all those kids that go to school at Miami or Florida State, that’s one of the reasons, to play in this ball game. To be able to go down there and perform in front of those guys, it always helps.”

Willie Taggart media availability

Posted by on Thursday, October 4, 2018