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Alec Eberle heartbroken over loss to Miami

It was the senior’s last chance to beat the Canes.

The ’Noles suffered a heartbreaker against the Canes on Saturday afternoon. Up 20 points against their in-state rival in the 3rd quarter, many thought that Florida State was well on its way to the first rivalry victory of the Willie Taggart era.

Unfortunately, that did not end up being the case.

Senior center Alec Eberle described his emotions after the gut-wrenching loss:

“I mean anytime you’re playing your rival, you know it’s your last time playing them your whole life, you want to come out with a win. Especially, when you’re on top like that and you kinda just feel it slipping away from you, so I mean of course the guys are hurt.”

Before these last 2 years, Eberle had enjoyed nothing but success against the University of Miami:

“We were 3-0 in my first 3 years against them. Lost last year, and then this year we had it, and then we let it slip through our fingertips. It hurts a lot. I mean it hurts more so because it feels like we beat ourselves, rather than them beating us.”

See the rest of Eberle’s interview with the media below: