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Willie Taggart has submitted trick play against Miami to ACC for clarity on decision

FSU is still dealing with a hurricane in their bye week while Taggart firmly backs Deondre Francois.

Florida State v Syracuse Photo by Brett Carlsen/Getty Images

The Florida State Seminoles enter their bye week with a 3-3 record after a tough loss against bitter rival, Miami. Despite the emotional defeat, Taggart says the team has moved on and came back ready to work.

“We came back and had a good meeting yesterday,” Taggart said. “I think our guys are still upbeat and know we still have six ball games to go. We have to correct some things and get better, but mindset wise they are ready to work. They came back ready to work. They were very upset the night before, obviously. But we have to move on. We can’t just sit and cry about that. No one is going to feel sorry for us.”

The team is ready to move on, but their is one thing of importance still in the rear view from FSU’s trip to Miami. Of course that is the controversial illegal forward pass call that wiped out a touchdown for the ‘Noles. Taggart was told by referees on the field that they looked at the play up in the booth and it wasn’t even close to being a legal play. In reality, it was very close and many, including Taggart, thought they executed the play perfectly. He told media Monday morning that they have submitted the play to the ACC for clarification.

“We sent it in to get some clarity, to make sure that we’re doing it the way we thought we should do it and the way we execute it,” Taggart said. “So, we’re waiting to hear back to make sure we get clarity on how we do it so we don’t make that mistake again. Again, we thought we did it the right way.”

The only other thing lingering from the weekend are a few bumps and bruises typical of a hard fought rivalry game, and the Seminoles will utilize the bye week to heal up.

“Beat up a little bit,” Taggart said. “Like any other rivalry game would be. It was a physical game and we got some guys that are a little sore and it should be that way. Nothing major.”

The only player whose injury status is questionable for the future is OL Landon Dickerson, who didn’t play against Miami. Taggart told us last week that he suffered a setback and as of right now nothing has changed, they are still unsure when he’ll be back.

Despite Wake Forest being the next game on the schedule two weeks from now, Florida State is having to make hurricane plans for the second straight week, with Tropical Storm Michael in the Gulf of Mexico looking more and more likely to make landfall in Tallahassee as a hurricane. Taggart was asked if they will be monitoring the storm.

“Yes we will,” Taggart said. “I know our administration is looking and we’re meeting throughout the day to make sure we keep our student athletes safe and healthy.”

The last question Taggart fielded was whether current starting QB Deondre Francois was still solid in that role.

“Yeah, why wouldn’t he be?” Taggart responded.

When they question was followed up by saying some people were questioning if Taggart should switch signal callers, the first year FSU coach chuckled.

“Is that right?” Taggart said. “You’ve got to be kidding me.”