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FSU concocts brand new uniform combination for Boston College game

I’m scared to ask, but...thoughts?

NCAA Football: Virginia Tech at Florida State Tallahasse Democrat-USA TODAY NETWORK

If you’re a traditionalist, you may need to sit down. And if you’re presently holding an infant, please hand the child to someone else. Now, remember: breathe.

Florida State has announced its uniform for the Boston College game this Saturday, and it’s, well, it’s something. Garnet pants, black jerseys, and the two-toned black and garnet helmets. The closest we’ve come to this look was in the opener this year, when the Seminoles sported nearly the same combination, except with black pants.

The ’Noles have trotted out the black against BC in Tallahassee before. In 2006, FSU went all black but with gold helmets to host the Eagles, and dropped that contest 24-19 before a blackout crowd at Doak.

But this, this is totally new, a true first. FSU fans will hope that Saturday’s game won’t bring another first: the first time the Seminoles don’t go bowling in 38 years. A loss to Boston College would make that a reality.