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FSU vs. Boston College: Staff predictions

Many of our forecasts call for a close game.

NCAA Football: Boston College at Florida State Glenn Beil-USA TODAY Sports

A year removed from a blowout loss at Boston College, FSU finds itself in a must-win game against BC if the Seminoles are to further their bowl streak. Yes, this is the new normal: the ’Noles are home underdogs to the Eagles. Here’s how we think things will play out at Doak on Saturday.

Trey Rowland:

Boston College’s offense at full-strength is a menacing unit. They grind you into a fine powder, using a smashmouth running game that is predicated on repeated blunt force trauma. It’s not overly flashy or even that pretty...but it’s damn effective. BC’s offense is basically the original Legion of Doom.

Or The Road Warriors if you want to get technical

Both are physical, both are punishing, and both get the job done.

Look at this:

Pray for Red Singlet Man

That’s what the Eagles would probably do to the ’Noles, if they were fully healthy. But, guess what Chief, they’re not. Steve Addazio’s quarterback and running back are both banged up. This takes the team’s offense from early 9’s Legion of Doom to 2005 Legion of Doom.

Despite the Muschamp-like stare from our friend on the left, this still sucks

Ha! Not even the same guys.

Compare the below garbage to the original posted above:

They didn’t even flip Red Pants Man

2018 FSU loses to the original Legion of Doom pretty handily, but not the 2005 version.

FSU 20 BC 17


Jon Marchant:

There’s not much to say here. We all know what this team is. I’m just gonna root for the good guys. Somehow, someway, I believe they will get it done.

BC 23 - 24 FSU


I really want to pick FSU to win this game. I really want this team to come out looking great from the go. I really want the offensive line to block well, the linebackers to play amazing, and the quarterback to make the right reads. I really just want to enjoy a Saturday afternoon watching Florida State. I really don’t think it’s going to happen.

BC 24, FSU 13


Is it the Red Bandana game for Boston College? No? Sweet!

Is FSU wearing black jerseys against BC? Yes? Crap!

FSU 24, Boston College 23

Kyle Griffis:

I’m going to go out on a limb and predict that Florida State pulls the upset at home over Boston College. BC losing to Clemson last weekend is the kind of loss that can derail an awfully impressive season (shout out to the head dude Steve Addazio for his magnificent development of the BC program). The Eagles are beat up and exhausted: since coming off their bye on October 20, they’ve played Miami, Virginia Tech, and Clemson. They close with FSU and Syracuse. That’s a rather brutal finish to their schedule. AJ Dillon and Anthony Brown are just not themselves, and won’t be anywhere close to 100% even if they play. BC’s defense is good but not great. If the Seminoles can get off to a decent start for a change, I like their chances at home. If there’s any motivation left in this team (keeping bowl eligibility hopes alive or revenge from last year’s embarrassment), this is the time to show it. Let’s hope the only L on Saturday is this awful uniform combination.

Florida State 27, Boston College 24

Austin DeWitt:

In the words of Addazio himself, “What’s better than this?”

Addazio’s two main guys are banged up, with quarterback and notable dude Anthony Brown looking unlikely to play.

This isn’t to say that the ’Noles are going to roll this game—I’m a long way from predicting that. We just saw Notre Dame’s backup quarterback be serviceable against this defense, but if there was any time to pull the upset it would be this weekend.

What better way is there to win the game than sitting on the edge of our seats for a 50-yard Ricky Aguayo field goal?

Florida State 24, Boston College 21

Evan Johnson:

I want to believe. I want to believe that FSU has gotten better the last few weeks but has been so over matched that it hasn’t mattered. Not only have the ‘Noles been bad this year they’ve also been unlucky. Can they stop the bleeding? BC didn’t lose by as much as many thought last week in their tilt with Clemson, but they never really stood a chance and now it’s possible that they’ll be heading to Tallahassee without their starting running back and quarterback. Might FSU’s luck be turning around? Even without Brown and Dillon, the Seminoles will likely need a bit of luck as the defense has struggled mightily against the run and the offense still has little chance of moving the ball. While my gut says BC will somehow get 400 yards passing from its quarterback and 150 yards running from its running back, I’m going to roll the dice and guess that FSU comes out and plays inspired ball. All the soft factors!

FSU 28, BC 14

Dakota Moyer:

Boston College 20, FSU 17


We ain’t not gonna have a chance at bowling because of BC. I’m told Willie showed them last year’s 35-3 humiliation several times already this week. There will not be a 2008-2009 repeat of a BC 2-game win streak.

FSU 34 - BC 24

David Visser:

How 2018 is this line: Call me crazy, but I actually think Florida State has a good shot at beating BC, in Tallahassee. For whatever reason, I like FSU in this game. I think that being home to finish the season, for this fragile Florida State team, will go a long way.

The Seminoles will get off to a better start than usual, and maintain, playing from ahead. It won’t be an easy win, but it will wind up comfortable enough. Also, I still can’t believe that I’m typing any of what I just did. While FSU has not been the FSU that it’s supposed to be, BC shows some deficiencies as well. And I think that, for the first time since the Wake game, Seminole fans actually get to enjoy a game again. Weird.

BC 24, FSU 31

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