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Redshirt Watch: FSU Plays ’Nole Kart

Which Seminoles are close to redshirting?

Mario and Luigi Celebrate the Release of Mario Kart 8 At McDonald’s Photo by Bob Riha, Jr./Nintendo of America via Getty Images

The NCAA changed its rules regarding redshirting prior to the current season of college football. In previous years, student athletes would lose a year of eligibility if they played more than three games of a season prior to a season ending “injury.” While the rules often let “injured” players take the final 9+ games of a season off, players can now participate in four games throughout the entire season.

This is a new weekly feature Tomahawk Nation will use to track the redshirt eligibility of FSU players. But we plan to do this with a twist: Mario Kart style.

In Mario Kart 64, each character starts with 3 balloons before being eliminated. In Nole Kart, players begin with 5 balloons - 4 to represent the games allowed, and when they play in the 5th game, GAME OVER. No redshirt.

As there are two games remaining with the possibility of a third for a bowl, we are only including those players who have 3 balloons or less remaining.


Four games played. 1 ballon remains. Red shirt gone with one red shell. Only one player would lose their redshirt by playing in a game:

James Blackman - The lanky, green-clad plumber needs to avoid bananas, green shells, red shells, and needs Deondre Francois to avoid a blue shell. Blackman took snaps against Miami, Wake, Clemson, and started against NC State.


Baveon Johnson - A hefty figure, slow to start but a brute on Rainbow Road. Bae played against Samford, Wake Forest, and Clemson.

Emmett Rice - He’s currently day to day, and with the poor performances from the current crop of Nole linebackers, he could see some time. Rice played against Virginia Tech, Northern Illinois, and Wake Forest.

Amari Gainer - Also in the moderately-injured-but-rest-of-his-position-sucks group, Gainer played against Syracuse, NC State, and Notre Dame.


This crew can play in the final two regular-season games. Things get tricky if FSU makes a bowl.

Xavier Peters - Should see time when FSU blows out Florida Boston College [insert imaginary bowl opponent]. Unlikely to pop all 3 balloons.

Dennis Briggs - Played against Northsouthwestern Indiana, but picked up some time against Notre Dame.

Khalan Laborn - Out for the season? Maybe. But he’s also the only Nole Kart player with a Lamborghini. But it’s on cinder blocks. /shrug emoji