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Nolecast preview: Boston College at Florida State

The Nolecast breaks down FSU and BC.

Bud Elliott and Ingram Smith return with a Nolecast breaking down Boston College at FSU. The Nolecast is the No. 1 Florida State Seminoles podcast.

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Show notes are as follows, roughly in order

Show outline as follows, roughly.

BC -1.5, 49

BC made this team quit last year.

BC O (86th) v. FSU D

  • Hyper tempo. 4th nationally.
  • Run, run, run. A huge commitment to the run, but they actually have not been that great at it (98th!)
  • More explosive (40th) than efficient (95th)
  • Is Anthony Brown Brown going to play? Internal injuries, BC coach Addazio said he practiced, but … Backup QB is EJ Perry.
  • RB A.J. Dillon 6’0, 245, elite RB. But is he healthy?
  • WR Kobay White is the go-to guy. Jeff Smith is the explosive threat
  • TE Throw it to TE Tommy Sweeney a lot.
  • Strong offensive line. Extremely veteran group that has stayed perfectly healthy. Cannot relate.
  • Have to get them to passing downs by winning standard downs because BC is flat out terrible on passing downs. But can’t fully sell out because they create their explosive plays via play action on standard downs.

BC D (26th) v. FSU O

  • Passing on early downs
  • DL Jeff Allen should abuse FSU. 6’5, 285, with quickness. Somewhat smaller up front than usual, more active.
  • LB Connor Strachan is very active and can take on blocks. Isaiah McDuffie is very quick.
  • DB Tremendous at preventing big plays. Senior safeties Will Harris and Lukas Dennis are rarely out of position. Corners Brandon Sebastian, Hamp Cheevers, and Tatj-Amir Torres.

Random question

I have another question that might be best saved for the offseason. I’m just curious how coaches prepare for weekly and post-game pressers. How much prep do coaches do going into pressers? Are coaches winging it or going in with certain talking points? What’s the role of the SID?