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Nolecast preview: Florida State at N.C. State

The Nolecast breaks down the FSU at NCSU game

Bud Elliott and Ingram Smith return with a Nolecast breaking down FSU at NC State. The Nolecast is the No. 1 Florida State Seminoles podcast.

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Show notes are as follows, roughly in order

Show outline as follows, roughly.

N.C. State O (35th) v. FSU D

  • Multiple spread looks
  • Consistency: Been 75th percentile or above in all games against Clemson, and 86+ in four of last five.
  • More efficient (27th) than explosive (63rd)
  • Have not been great at finishing drives with TDs (81st)
  • The run game sucks (90th)
  • But the passing game is great (6th!!). Ryan Finley is damn good.
  • Gets the ball out super quick. 1.5% sack rate! 2nd best in the nation.
  • 67% completions.
  • Excellent on passing downs
  • Kelvin Harmon is the big play threat (11 yards/target)
  • Throwing to the TE less this year
  • Will show some tempo, but not like a Wake or Clemson
  • OL is OK, but have also really faced only one good DL
  • Who will be sitting for FSU?

N.C. State D (49th) v. FSU O

  • Excellent against the run (10th)
  • 92nd against the pass
  • Better on long down/distance that on standard downs
  • Must keep them honest on early downs. Both with screens, quicks, and especially play action.
  • L2W the secondary has had major issues.
  • Gotta get Germaine Pratt blocked. Run is funneled to him. Double the tackles of anyone else.
  • Excellent size up front should give FSU problems.
  • Blackman discussion
  • Timing of the move
  • What do we expect

Plus some bonus content. Enjoy.