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Walt Bell compares defending Tamorrion Terry to tactics once used against Shaquille O’Neal

Hack-a-Tamorrion doesn’t have the same ring to it. Somebody get on that.

Florida State v North Carolina State Photo by Lance King/Getty Images

In his freshman year, Tamorrion Terry has emerged as a playmaker for Florida State’s offense. With eight touchdowns to his name and one game remaining, 25 percent of Terry’s catches have been for scores.

His speed makes him a true deep threat in addition to his size making him a mismatch for just about any corner he faces. Offensive coordinator Walt Bell attributes Terry’s production to the ever-growing confidence of the young receiver.

“I think the biggest thing from the time we’ve gotten here until now is just the confidence he has in himself,” Bell said. “I think that what is kind of elevating his game. He really feels like nobody can cover him. On top of that, I think the quarterbacks are starting to feel like nobody else can (cover him) either. There are parts of his game he has to continue to work on. And not that he is a finished product, but the things that we ask him to do right now, he does exceptionally well.”

Terry’s speed and physicality has allowed him to produce at a high level this season. It has also seen him have to make plays through contact that might warrant a flag for other receivers. (mere mortals, if you will.)

Bell compared the rough coverage Terry receives to the methods used against Shaquille O’neal in his prime. The term “Hack-a-Shaq” was coined when defenders would foul O’neal and not get called for it simply because of how dominant he was.

“To be honest with you, everybody remembers Shaquille O’neal,” Bell said. “He would get beat on and nobody really called very many fouls. Just because he is a bigger and stronger guy, so people kind of made the excuse that it really wasn’t a foul. I kind of feel like that’s what we’re dealing with a little bit with Terry right now. He’s a big, strong, fast dude, and really the only way to kind of get on top of him and stop him is to hold him a little bit and grab. I think he has done a great job of running through some of those. As we move forward, hopefully we can get some of those flags as well.”