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Harlon Barnett remains confident in the ability of young corners

This week’s depth chart shows the youth beginning to take over the secondary.

A bright spot in an otherwise disappointing outing against NC State was the emergence of FSU’s young secondary. With Levonta Taylor out, sophomore Stanford Samuels III made the switch from free safety to outside corner and freshman Asante Samuel Jr. showed flashes of just how good he can be in coverage (despite a number of questionable pass interference calls).

Today, defensive coordinator Harlon Barnett talked about the technique that is taught to corners and, after looking back at the plays that were flagged, Barnett feels that the coverage was exactly what you want to see.

“Well it is technique,” Barnett said. “I think you’re talking about some of the plays, some of the pass interferences. Stuff like that. You tell me. It looks like they were looking back for the ball—right on them—looking back for the ball, trying to make a play. That’s what you tell them to do. As long as you don’t grab and hold, anything like that. We’ll keep working it, keep talking to the refs about how to improve on that technique. You want to be in position, in face, look back for the ball and make a play on the ball.”

Last Saturday’s performance from the underclassman was reflected on this week’s depth chart when Asante Samuels, Jr. and Samuels III were listed with an “OR” as co-starters at both corner positions.

At 6’2” Samuels III provides length for the Seminoles, who have struggled against bigger receivers this year.

“We thought longer guy, he’s good at doing it,” Barnett said. We were just trying to get, what we felt at the time, was our best set of guys on the field.”