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Seeing red: Which FSU football players received redshirts after 2018

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An extra year of eligibility secured.

Florida State v North Carolina State Photo by Lance King/Getty Images

The NCAA changed its rules regarding redshirting prior to the current season of college football. In previous years, student athletes would lose a year of eligibility if they played more than three games of a season prior to a season ending “injury.” While the rules often let “injured” players take the final 9+ games of a season off, players can now participate in four games throughout the entire season.

This is a feature Tomahawk Nation will use to track the redshirt eligibility of FSU players.

With FSU slipping on a banana peel, there is no bowl game remaining to burst the redshirt balloon. Tomahawk Nation examines the players who gained an extra year of eligibility. And just like bowl season, fun has been removed for FSU fans— no Mario Kart this time.


James Blackman: the signal caller from Belle Glade was perilously close to burning his redshirt. A single snap against Florida would have burned a year of Blackman’s eligibility. Deondre Francois played through some pain against a dominant Gators defensive line, but it preserved the redshirt for Blackman. Blackman will be a redshirt sophomore next fall.

Carlos Becker: an injury-plagued defensive back, the junior will be a redshirt junior next fall.

Emmett Rice: the junior linebacker from Miami Norland also had just one game remaining. He did not play against Florida and will be a redshirt junior for the 2019 season.


D’Marcus Adams: the speedy young receiver did not see any time this fall. A class of 2018 signee, Adams will be a redshirt freshman in 2019.

Christian Armstrong: saw playing time against Florida. Looked like a redshirt candidate in his limited time. Will be a redshirt freshman in the coming fall.

Isaiah Bolden: got injured vs. Samford; redshirted.

Dennis Briggs, Jr.: one game from losing a year, “Jax” Briggs played the final three games of the season. With a bowl game, he may have lost his redshirt. Briggs is clear to play five total years now with four appearances in 2018.

Jamarcus Chatman: didn’t play a snap. Redshirt.

Amari Gainer: played the three games leading up to Florida for a total of four. Did not see time against the Gators, maintaining his redshirt.

Jalen Goss: like most offensive linemen, not physically ready to play as a freshman; redshirted.

Malcolm Lamar: not physically ready to play as a freshman, redshirted.

Christian Meadows: suffered some injuries early in camp; redshirted.

Chaz Neal: like most offensive linemen, not physically ready to play as a freshman; redshirted.

Xavier Peters: flirted with burning a redshirt mid season, but only played in two games. Eligibility preserved.

Warren Thompson: played four of the first five games of the season. Disappeared. Maintained a redshirt.

Jordan “IROC” Young: stayed in the pits. Has an extra year of eligibility to light up the opposition

16 Luftbalons

Three veterans maintained eligibility, including key quarterback James Blackman. 13 freshmen from the class of 2018 also extended their careers.

The class of 2018 was a bright point in an otherwise rough year for Florida State. Willie Taggart’s first class had multiple defensive starters and showed promise from explosive skill players on offense.

16 ’Noles extended their careers with redshirts in the 2018 season. 2019 will show how many can parlay the extra weight room and practice time into a successful career.