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UPDATE: Randy Clements officially new OL coach at Florida State

Houston’s offensive line coach follows Kendal Briles to Tallahassee.

Kendal Briles won’t be the only member of the former Houston football staff headed to Tallahassee. Tomahawk Nation has independently confirmed that the Cougars’ offensive line coach and run game coordinator, Randy Clements, has joined Briles at Florida State.

Briles resigned from his position at Houston on Dec. 22, reportedly in anticipation of taking the Florida State offensive coordinator job.

When Briles received an extension and raise from Houston after being considered for the Texas State head coaching job, Clements ended up getting one as well. Though the figures weren’t immediately available, the length of the extension was expected to be for three more years, the same as Briles’. Presumably, the delay in getting Clements to FSU has involved the buyout of that contract.

Clements has spent the bulk of his career in Texas, coaching offensive line first at Houston from 2003 to 2007 and then at Baylor from 2008 to 2016, taking on the additional title of run game coordinator in his last four years at the school. In 2017, he coached offensive line at Southeastern University, a private school in Lakeland, Fla., before going to Houston alongside Briles, who brought him aboard following the latter’s stint at Florida Atlantic.

The two coached at Baylor for Clements’ entire stint there, working closely together to produce S&P+’s No. 2 ranked offense in 2015 following Briles’ promotion to offensive coordinator.

From Clements’ current Houston bio:

Under Clements’ leadership, Baylor linemen earned the Big 12 Offensive Lineman of the Year honor in four straight seasons (2012-15) while paving the way for seven 1,000-yard rushers over six seasons.

The Bears’ offensive line paved the way for the nation’s highest-performing offense in 2015 -- led FBS in both scoring (48.1 points per game) and total offense (616.2 yards per game) for the third consecutive season

Prior to Baylor, Clements spent five seasons at Houston where the Houston offense ranked as one of the nation’s most prolific. In 2007, Houston ranked fourth nationally in total offense (513.2 yards per game), 10th in rushing offense (239.9 yards per game), 17th in scoring offense (36.3 points per game) and 27th in passing offense (273.3 yards per game).

While at Southeastern, which plays at the NAIA level, Clements played a part in elevating the team’s scoring average from 34.6 points per game to 55.1, which led the country that season.

Of course, this move raises questions about current FSU OL coach Greg Frey; will the two coach the offensive line together, is Frey on his way out, or what? Stay posted to Tomahawk Nation for all news and analysis surrounding the changes to Florida State’s staff.

UPDATE: Frey was officially let go last week.