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The FSU fan’s College Football Playoff rooting guide

Not all hate is created equal.

SEC Championship - Alabama v Georgia Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

If you’re a fan of Florida State football, you don’t have a horse in this year’s College Football Playoff. Hell, you don’t have a horse in this year’s bowl season. But you’re still gonna watch the games— especially the biggest ones, which begin this afternoon following the junior varsity warmup between Florida and Michigan. And you still need someone to root for— or against.

Clemson will face Notre Dame in the CFP’s first semifinal, while Alabama and Oklahoma will play in the nightcap. So we at TN asked ourselves this question: which winner of this year’s playoff would most — and least — benefit FSU? Several contributors responded, ranking the prospective victors on a 1-4 scale.

And here’s what we got: for FSU’s sake, the best team to win the 2018 national championship would be...

1. Alabama

I know, I know, they’ve been atop the mountain for so long. But that’s just why they came out at first in our voting. While Florida State is down, it’s better if there’s just one dominant power (that isn’t in your conference) ruining college football for everyone else. Plus, ’Bama dominates recruiting every year, so it’s not like they can really do much better there.

2. Oklahoma

The Sooners were actually right behind the Crimson Tide in our voting. OU winning it all wouldn’t be so bad because they play in a different conference, and moreover, the geographic footprint they traditionally recruit doesn’t overlap much with that of Florida State. And more Texas and Oklahoma recruits for Lincoln Riley in Norman means fewer for Jimbo Fisher in College Station.

3. Notre Dame

Nobody has the history that the Irish do. But kids deciding on colleges right now don’t really care about history. And if you’ve ever been to Notre Dame, you know that while the campus is beautiful, it’s located on a barren moonscape in northern Indiana. ND already recruits nationally, but if it becomes trendy for kids to head to that darkling plain of nothingness, god help us all.

4. Clemson

Every one of our voting contributors except for one had Clemson dead last in our poll. The Tigers aren’t just in the ACC with FSU, they’re in the same division— and they recruit in the southeast with the ’Noles. And frankly, they’ve been the only consistent challenger to Alabama of late. The Tigers will continue to have the upper hand over the Seminoles for the foreseeable future, so they don’t need any more momentum.