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FSU zeroes in on Football Operations facility location

Seminoles football may be moving— but not too far.

Florida State football facility improvements: Photos, videos, updates

“Florida State football” and “facilities.” If you searched those terms looking for this article, welcome, and also, are you gonna be okay? Because despite some of the hyperbole you may have had to wade through, the Seminoles and their facilities will be just fine. And we now know a little bit more about the improvements coming on those facilities.

According to an update from on Tuesday following the latest FSU Facilities Design & Construction meeting that also included head football coach Willie Taggart, it “looks like the new plan is to squeeze in a 155,000 sq. ft. facility in place of the narrow parking lot that’s immediately between the football practice facility and Stadium Dr. They’re probably looking at $75-85M as a fundraising goal for the Boosters.”

Essentially, this facility would serve to further enclose FSU’s practice fields on their west side, like Dick Howser Stadium does to the east and the indoor practice facility does to the north. And given the narrow area specified and the spatial limitations all around, it’s reasonable to expect the new building to employ a rather vertical concept.