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Score some slick Tomahawk Nation gear while contributing to a great cause

Display your community while giving to another.

Tomahawk Nation socks from Hoop Swagg

You’ve heard Florida State players express the sentiment before: look good, feel good. And if you feel good, you’re that much more likely to play well. Now, we’re pleased to extend to our readership the opportunity to not only look and feel good, but also to do some good by giving to a beyond-worthwhile charity.

Recently, we were contacted by the apparel outfitter Hoop Swagg about partnering up to design some custom Tomahawk Nation socks. Not wanting to push something I’d not tried myself, I requested a sample, which those at Hoop Swagg readily provided; and after giving them a test drive, I can personally attest to the quality of this product.

These socks (which you can order here) are sharp and also feature a splashy pattern that includes the same TN colors used by FSU itself. Rising to about mid-calf level, they’re neither too thick nor too thin and boast a perfect elasticity. And as Florida State fans gear up for the Willie Taggart era, why not sport (or gift) gear emblazoned with the logo of your favorite website covering all things FSU? It’s an ideal way to display the fan community to which you belong, while also directly supporting a charity that could really use the help of us all.

So, a portion of the proceeds from each pair of Tomahawk Nation socks sold will go directly to the GoFundMe account created for those affected by the tragic Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School shooting in Parkland, Florida. Moreover, at my request, those at Hoops Swagg have agreed to match our donation to the Stoneman Douglas charity for every pair of TN socks sold, a very classy move on their part.

Even if you decide that the socks aren’t for you, perhaps you’d still consider donating to the above-linked cause that has touched the lives of so many Floridians. Do it! Or maybe you’d like some Stoneman Douglas socks, which an alum of that school has already requested from Hoops Swagg; those touched by the tragedy benefit from these socks as well, so please, have at them.

Finally, by means of full disclosure, a bit of a process note: I really wrestled with the decision to involve the Stoneman Douglas events in this promotion. Our collaboration with Hoops Swagg has been in the works since before that horrific day, and, initially, we were going to move forward with it as a straight-forward merchandizing opportunity. The last thing I wanted was for this to be perceived as some sort of exploitative measure intended to move Tomahawk Nation product.

However, after having this idea and then consulting with SB Nation colleagues at several levels, this strikes me as a chance to mobilize our fervent community of readers to help another community that could sorely use assistance. I hope that makes sense to everybody who reads this and considers contributing.