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Stanford Samuels III, Landon Dickerson headline weight changes for FSU football players over the offseason

Quantifying offseason transformations by the Seminoles.

Miami v Florida State Photo by Butch Dill/Getty Images

The Chase, Florida State’s offseason conditioning program, has come to a close, and FSU football has subsequently released a new football roster for the Seminoles as spring practice nears. The media was not admitted to The Chase, but it’s always interesting to take note of which players have added weight, as well as those who’ve dropped some pounds.

That said, it’s simply not worth noting those ’Noles whose mass has fluctuated by just a few pounds. Instead, I’ve put together a list of the most dramatic weight gains and losses (those of five pounds or more) heading into spring practice, which commences on March 21.

Here are the scholarship players who’ve added the most weight since the Florida State roster that was released just before the Seminoles’ Independence Bowl win in December. Remember: muscle weighs more than fat.

  • Sophomore defensive back Stanford Samuels III: 169-184 (+15)
  • Redshirt-sophomore offensive lineman Landon Dickerson: 310-325 (+15)
  • Redshirt-senior defensive tackle Arthur Williams: 301-316 (+15)
  • Redshirt-senior defensive end Delvin Purifoy: 264-279 (+15)
  • Redshirt-sophomore offensive lineman Josh Ball: 325-335 (+10)
  • Junior linebacker Josh Brown: 208-218 (+10)
  • Redshirt-freshman linebacker DeCalon Brooks: 202-211 (+9)
  • Sophomore quarterback James Blackman: 169-176 (+7)
  • Redshirt-freshman receiver Tamorrion Terry: 191-197 (+6)
  • Redshirt-junior quarterback Deondre Francois: 199-204 (+5)
  • Sophomore defensive back Cyrus Fagan: 186-191 (+5)
  • Junior punter (no longer listed as a kicker) Logan Tyler: 194-199 (+5)

Of course, not every player added weight; some need to shed some bulk. Here are those who’ve lost at least five pounds, led by the most dramatic weight differential on the team since FSU faced Southern Miss.

  • Redshirt-freshman defensive end Tre Lawson: 250-233 (-17)
  • Redshirt-freshman defensive tackle Cory Durden: 309-296 (-13)
  • Redshirt-senior defensive end Adam Torres: 290-280 (-10)
  • Sophomore defensive tackle Marvin Wilson: 332-323 (-9)
  • Sophomore defensive back Hamsah Nasirildeen: 219-211 (-8)
  • Redshirt-senior offensive lineman Derrick Kelly II: 325-317 (-8)
  • Redshirt-sophomore offensive lineman Baveon Johnson: 318-310 (-8)
  • Junior tight end (no longer listed as a fullback, a position completely eliminated from the latest Seminole roster) Gabe Nabers: 248-242 (-6)
  • Sophomore defensive end Joshua Kaindoh: 252-247 (-5)
  • Redshirt-senior defensive tackle Walvenski Aime: 300-295 (-5)
  • Junior linebacker Emmett Rice: 213-208 (-5)
  • Junior linebacker Dontavious Jackson: 232-227 (-5)
  • Redshirt-sophomore defensive tackle Cedric Wood: 318-313 (-5)