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The Nolecast on the start of Florida State spring football

Florida State spring football expectations and differences

NCAA Football: Florida State at Florida Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Bud Elliott and Ingram Smith return with the 14th Nolecast episode of 2018. The Nolecast is the No. 1 Florida State Seminoles podcast.

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Show Notes

  • Correcting in the film room: Fixing the big things based on large sample sets, not stopping traffic.
  • Francois can continue to work on being a great leader and winning his teammates over. What he can’t do in practice speaks to the importance of mobility in the offense.
  • Taggart is high on Blackman. Note that he recruited Blackman at USF.
  • Cam Akers & rotating running backs. Taggart’s track record says he doesn’t rotate RBs, but it is hard to know what he’d do with multiple top backs, as he has usually had an elite back and significant drop off.
  • Single digit numbers -- 3 elements
  • And a discussion of practice differences from the last staff to the current.

-It really is a lot faster. Jimbo ran quick practices to try to maximize reps, but this is just another level. A lot of conditioning is taking place during practice.

-Energy level very different. Music throughout, but especially during water breaks.

-Marvin Wilson quote about it not feeling like a job

-Iron sharpening iron, way more 1v1s than previous years. Opportunity to evaluate. Technique is important, but some guys are going to be successful in their own ways. Correct failure, but if a guy can get it done in his own way and it won’t hamper him going forward, let him.


  • Aime to DE permanently
  • Vickers and Nabers are tight ends/H-backs
  • Jauan Williams got some first team snaps, does it mean anything?

Recruiting notes

  • Arian Smith
  • Taisun Phommachanh
  • Akeem Dent
  • Kayvaughn Thibideaux
  • Tim Smith, Corbin Gibson
  • Maurice Goolsby, Kalen Deloach, Jalen Rivers, Chantz Williams

Buy or Sell?

  • Attrition of 5 or more guys after spring ball
  • Hockman takes meaningful snaps this season
  • Average 35+ points a game
  • 3 seperate rbs with at least 500 yds rushing each
  • One of the former single-digit jersey number guys does NOT earn his number back.
  • Brian Burns records +11 sacks, finishes top 20 in sacks.
  • Cfb is cyclical (besides Bama), Clemson has been on the rise for the past 5 years, buy or sell, they’ve hit their peak and they will decline the next 5 years.
  • FSU will be inside the top 35 nationally in plays per game in 2018.
  • Coach T has Francois maturing at a level that makes him a valuable team member
  • Jimbo staying 5+ years at A&M
  • FSU’s defense finishing the season top 25 in total defense
  • Linebacker play this year will be the best Fsu has had since 2013