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FSU linebackers coach Raymond Woodie reveals the philosophy of the Seminole defense

The ’Nole LB coach wants a D with some teeth.

Raymond Woodie

About a week ago, I penned a piece about Walt Bell, Florida State’s new offensive coordinator and quarterbacks coach, and the criteria for which he’s looking in his QB. The information was gleaned from a coaches clinic at which Bell spoke and one of our contributors was present. Now, we can pass along some information from the defensive side of the ball, too.

New Seminole linebackers coach Raymond Woodie recently addressed coaches as well, and while doing so, he imparted what would be the guiding philosophy of the FSU defense, which you’ll find in the image below.

2018 FSU Defensive Philosophy, via Raymond Woodie

In my piece on Bell, new head coach Willie Taggart’s prediction of a “lethal simplicity” on offense was certainly evident. And in Woodie’s above presentation, Taggart’s call for “badasses and war daddies” on defense shines through boldly.

Effort and aggression dominate the slide, which isn’t surprising, given the issues that the FSU defense has had with loafing recently, as well as regularly being outhit. Woodie seems intent on bringing both of those trends to a screeching halt, along, of course, with opposing ball carriers— courtesy of a side of crazy.