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Meet Tamorrion Terry, Florida State’s new deep threat

Tamorrion Terry gives Florida State a big deep threat out wide

NCAA Football: Florida State Spring Game Melina Myers-USA TODAY Sports

I interviewed redshirt freshman receiver Tamorrion Terry about his dominant Florida State Seminoles spring game performance, which included 150 yards receiving and a touchdown.

Terry did not play as a freshman, but spoke about his skills, his experience as a redshirt, and his family coming from South Georgia to see him play.

Terry also spoke about the wide receiver splits and how they help to simplify the offense, and what he sees when he is out wide.

This is the first time Terry has addressed the media after a game.

Meet Tamorrion Terry, FSU's new deep threat

Florida State receiver Tamorrion Terry stole the show at the spring game. He explains why he likes the new offense, and how he was frustrated redshirting last year.

Posted by on Sunday, April 15, 2018