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Nolecast: Scrimmage shows FSU football has a long way to go

Florida State spring football expectations and differences

NCAA Football: Florida State at Florida Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Bud Elliott and Ingram Smith return with the 15th Nolecast episode of 2018. The Nolecast is the No. 1 Florida State Seminoles podcast.

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Show Notes

  • A lot of injuries make for a lame scrimmage, scrimmage recap
  • Marvin Wilson Out for Spring (MCL)
  • QB Race More defined?
  • Return of Bowden To Football Facilities
  • PW9 number/jersey, Odell FSU HOF
  • Phil Steele points out that FSU has the toughest schedule in the nation (projected)

Recruiting Updates/Recent Visits:

  • Quavaris Crouch (5 * RB)
  • Trikweze Bridges (4* DB, Lanet Ala)
  • Will Putnam (4* OT, Plant)
  • John Dunmore (4* WR, Chaminade Prep)
  • Sam Howell (4*, QB, NC)
  • Phommachanh using an official in Spring?
  • Devonte Dobbs (Nations top OT?, Belleville Michigan)
  • Sean Dollars (4*RB, Mater Dei…Nations #1 All P Back)
  • Jayden Daniels (4* QB, San Bernardinho, CA)

Q: I want to inquire further on the statement you have made that early recruiting ranking are bad. In which direction to they tend to slide as more tape on the player is available? Obviously teams rely on their own internal scouting departments, so are schools that already have 10+ recruits committed (most of which are not blue chips) this early in cycle ahead of the game, or do they just know which 2-3 star recruits they want and are able to get them in early? Also, are early offers only given to players that the school would allow to commit immediately, or do they offer pretty much everyone they might want and tell certain players they won’t accept an commitment yet? I have been a big college football fan for many years now, but have only recently started to follow recruiting more closely, and the Nolecast has been an awesome resource to help me understand it on a macro level. Will be ordering a shirt and rocking it on the day of the spring game from the left coast. Keep up the great work y’all!

Q: With all the changes Taggart is making, what are the chances we get another rebranding/ change in uniforms like we had in 2014? Although it doesn’t win games, just curious on what your thoughts are and if you have any insight on what that sort of process entails.

Q: With the new coaching regime/system, which existing players have a chance to make an even bigger impact due to being better utilized or taking off the handcuffs so-to-speak with regard to previously being asked to think too much, being downtrodden in a system that is not exciting or fun to them or perhaps simply just being better focused/motivated.

Q: Love the work you do and makes my commutes through Orlando traffic a heck of a lot better. I’m curious about this sudden west coast trend that’s happening. These kids seem to be thrilled that FSU is offering and some calling it their dream program. Did Jimbo just ignore California completely or is this only a thing because of Willie?

Q: Long time listener. First time reaching out to you guys. I was wondering how the staff is going to handle official visits with the new rule allowing kids to take them in the spring. Is the staff going to facilitate visits this spring, or are they going to try and get kids to use those visits during the season in order to experience the game atmosphere? Keep up the good work. Already rated you guys 5 stars!

Q: My last thing I wanted to know, how gity would yall be if Vanilla Ice performed “Ninja Rap” at the post game concert? Most fans wouldn’t know anything about that song but it has special meaning to me, as I saw Ninja Turtles 2 in theaters, and would just flip out if he brought that one back! Thanks for taking the time and I hope you both are doing well. I have already given you 5* on itunes and follow the show regularly. Go Noles.


  • Willie wins a National Title at FSU before Jimbo wins an SEC title at TAMU.
  • Buy or sell that stanford samuels iii will have 5 or more interceptions this season.
  • 4 WR with 500+ rec yds
  • 2 or more Punt Return TD’s This Year
  • What Deondre Francois has been tweeting recently is genuine (or do you think he’s just sucking up to get the starting role?)
  • Bailey Hockman having a legitimate chance of being a starter
  • George Campbell and/or Noonie Murray having a breakout year
  • Cam Akers Over 1300 Yards