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Jalen Ramsey leads former Florida State players in Madden ’19 rankings

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This is cheat code stuff.

Houston v Florida State - Chick-Fil-A Peach Bowl

Jalen Ramsey is really, really good. Just ask him. But now, you don’t have to, because player rankings for the next Madden game are out, and he’s head and shoulders above any other NFL cornerback. Of course, as we all know, all-pro status is one thing— Madden rankings are quite another (that’s how it works, right?).

The Jacksonville Jaguars’ Ramsey is far and away the top corner in the next version of the popular game, but fellow ’Nole and first-team all-pro CB Xavier Rhodes isn’t far behind:

Another Seminole defensive back, the Rams’ Lamarcus Joyner, made the list of top safeties:

And the Jags’ Telvin Smith was included among the top linebackers:

Just missing the list above is the Eagles’ Nigel Bradham, whose rank is an 85.

On the offensive side of the ball, former FSU running back and current Falcon Devonta Freeman leads the way, while the Vikings’ Dalvin Cook makes the list as well:

Former ’Nole quarterback Jameis Winston, now with the Bucs, came in at an 80 among QBs:

But I’m not a gamer— what do those of y'all who are think of these rankings? As far as Seminoles are concerned, who’s too high, and who’s too low?