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Nolecast: FSU would have an extra win or two against Gators’ schedule

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Just a ton of Florida State football talk.

Bud Elliott and Ingram Smith return with the 31st Nolecast episode of 2018. The Nolecast is the No. 1 Florida State Seminoles podcast.

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Opening drive

  • New betting lines on eight FSU games
  • If you had to pull only one upset of Clemson, at Notre Dame, at Miami, which one and why?
  • VT loses another starter … do you want to revise your toughest 10 games in order list? (Bud now has Clemson, at ND, at Miami, at NC State, at LOU, BC, UF, VT, at Cuse, Wake)
  • Bill Connnelly’s previews are out. FSU doesn’t get to play 4 of the ACC’s 5 worst teams.
  • What would FSU’s record be against UF’s schedule? Miami’s?
  • Recruiting chatter: Brief. More to come next week.


These questions are presented as they come to us. They are not edited or in AP style.

  • Who will be the top 3 receivers in terms of yardage?
  • Hello from Japan. It’s a shame they don’t have any Louisiana Hot Sauce here. Was watching old cfb games when I got thinking what kind of odds/point spread would we see if the 2009 Florida Gators (team that got trounced by Bama in the SECCG) played the 2014 Florida State Seminoles on a neutral field. Love the work you guys put out.

Best regards, ブライト ケン。

  • The old staff was really high on the Grayson, GA kids and all of them are blue chips going to Auburn and others. Is FSU being too selective with some of those players. It seems big time SEC schools are jumping at their recruitments so what are sometimes Taggart and Co find “wrong” with their skills at the next level.
  • Based on your suggestions last show and some related videos on YouTube, I watched the USF-Navy game from 2016 and the Oregon-Nebraska game from 2017. In both games, Taggart’s offense gets off to a blazing start before hitting the skids in the 2nd half (including scoring 0 against Nebraska after scoring 42 in the 1st half). Is this an issue of Taggart still learning how to adjust on the fly as a head coach when Plan A stops working? Or did I simply watch the wrong two games to make an adequate assessment? Thanks for the content you guys put out; keep up the good work.

Buy Sell

We decide to either buy or sell these things happening.

  • FSU will have 2 or more losses by multiple scores
  • If X Beita makes those three kicks against UM, which would have given CR a 3-2 record against UM, would he be thought of differently
  • If you change nothing about the 2017 season, nothing (coach/player buy in, etc) but Dalvin Cook is on the team, FSU wins 2 or more addt’l game
  • FSU has a better chance of finishing third in the Atlantic than first.
  • Mullen coaches **fewer** than four full seasons at UF.