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Listen to FSU head coach Willie Taggart’s great conversation with mentors Jim and Jack Harbaugh

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A new boss recounts some stellar old memories.

NCAA Football: Florida State Spring Game Melina Myers-USA TODAY Sports

Florida State football fans won’t really form an opinion of new head coach Willie Taggart until the season begins this September. But that won’t stop fans of the garnet and gold from evaluating their new general in the meantime.

That can be tricky, however, during a summer in which football news is rather fleeting. But recently, Taggart took to the airwaves to reminisce with a couple of his mentors: Jim and Jack Harbaugh. In a very light-hearted and certainly familial conversation, Taggart recounts his recruitment from Florida to Western Kentucky, memorable plays during his career under center, as well as his rise in the coaching ranks.

What ensues is a fantastic, jovial conversation between Taggart and a couple of football icons who had everything to do with Taggart’s ascension to his job at FSU. This is must-listen stuff for any fan of ’Nole football. Enjoy by clicking here— Taggart’s interview begins just after the 15-minute mark and runs for better than 30 minutes.