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Florida State has 15th best Vegas odds of reaching playoff

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The Seminoles reaching it in Year 1 with such a difficult schedule would be a surprise.

NCAA Football: ACC Media Days Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports

Online Casino Bovada has released its make/miss odds for the college football playoff. FSU checks in at the 15th best odds, with 15/2 to make, and 1/15 to miss.

15. Florida State

Yes +750 (15/2)

No -1500 (1/15)

Based on my numbers, FSU has about a 3 percent chance of getting through the regular season with 0 or 1 losses, which is likely what it would need to make the CFBP. It would also need to win the ACC Championship, which would likely knock down the odds to 2 percent.

That means I I was going to wager on this, I would play the “No” option, since in order to win the wager I would need FSU to miss the playoffs 85% of the time, and I have it handicapped at about 98 percent.

In reality, this is not a wager I am looking to make, because it involves parting with my money for five months for a paltry return.

Here are some odds on FSU’s opponents.

2. Clemson

Yes -130 (10/13)

No EVEN (1/1)

Clemson and Alabama are the only two teams who, according to the odds, are more likely to make the playoffs than to miss.

12. Miami

Yes +650 (13/2)

No -1200 (1/12)

12. Notre Dame

Yes +650 (13/2)

No -1200 (1/12)

22. Virginia Tech

Yes +1500 (15/1)

No -3000 (1/30)

25. Florida

Yes +2000 (20/1)

No -5000 (1/50)

The following teams do not offer a “No” option.

33. Boston College

Yes +5000 (50/1)

37. Wake Forest

Yes +6000 (60/1)

39. NC State

Yes +6500 (65/1)

40. Louisville

Yes +7500 (75/1)

53. Syracuse

Yes +15000 (150/1)

How wild is it that FSU projects to play nine teams with top-40 playoffs odds? This has been called the toughest schedule in the nation by several outlets and systems, and it looks like Las Vegas is in agreement with that.