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Updated Florida State Vegas spreads for FSU’s 8 biggest games

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Vegas expects Florida State to lose four times.

NCAA Football: Florida State Spring Game Melina Myers-USA TODAY Sports

The Westgate Sportsbook in Las Vegas released updated spreads for over 100 future games. There are eight FSU games lined.

Virginia Tech at FSU -6

FSU -9.5 at Syracuse

FSU -3.5 at Louisville

FSU at Miami -5.5

Clemson -10 at FSU

FSU -3 at NC State

FSU at Notre Dame -5.5

Florida at FSU -5.5

FSU’s over/under win total for the regular season at most books is 7.5 or 8, thanks in part to FSU having the toughest schedule in the nation by several metrics. Expecting four or five losses makes a lot of sense when considering that FSU is an underdog three times, and a single-digit favorite another five. Going 4-4 in these eight games would be a reasonable expectation using Vegas’ numbers.

And that doesn’t even include the Boston College team which destroyed FSU in 2017, for which there is no current line.

There are also no lines for games against Samford, Northern Illinois, or Wake Forest.

Clemson is favored by 12.5 at Texas A&M, by 15.5 at Boston College, and by 23 hosting South Carolina.

Florida is an underdog of 3 at Mississippi State, a favorite of 1 hosting LSU, and an underdog of 13.5 against Georgia.

Miami is favored by 4.5 at Georgia Tech, by 1 at Virginia Tech, and is a pickem against LSU.

These lines are current as of Sunday.

Personally, I think the Notre Dame line should be higher and would look to bet Notre Dame at under a touchdown. I also believe FSU should be a full touchdown favorite over Florida.

Which of these, if any, surprise you?