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Florida State practice report 08/13: The Seminoles take IMG

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FSU is practicing at the elite boarding school in Bradenton.

BRADENTON, Fla. — The Florida State Seminoles have gone away for training camp.

“The Florida State football program will travel to Bradenton, Florida, on Sunday and will practice Monday-Thursday at IMG Academy. Today, Florida State signed a multi-year agreement to host a portion of its preseason practices at IMG Academy. By establishing IMG Academy as a preseason location in future years, Florida State is now able to publicize the activity and invite media to cover practices at the location.” — FSU release.

FSU practiced in pads at 8 a.m. Monday.


The quarterbacks worked in the following order: Bailey Hockman, James Blackman, and Deondre Francois.

I would not take anything from that order, though, because we observed almost all individual work and no team. I didn't notice any QB standing out over the others.

FSU worked heavily on ball security with the receivers. Coaches tried to rip the ball from receivers after the catch.

Tamorrion Terry was praised for "practicing like a pro."

Noonie Murray looks more recovered than expected following his knee injury.

D.J. Matthews was in the rehab area and did not practice during the period observed. Others saw him participate briefly, but he began and ended the period not participating.

The offensive line remained mostly constant as it has been throughout practice, from LT to RT: Jauan Williams, Derrick Kelly, Alec Eberle, Corey Martinez (replacing Cole Minshew), and Landon Dickerson.

The second team was Abdul Bello, Arthur Williams, Baveon Johnson, Mike Arnold, and some rotators.

Mishew was on the exercise bike in the rehab/injured area.

FSU worked a lot of double teams against sled Monday.

Johnson worked a lot on snapping consistency while going left and right. He got personal attention from coach Greg Frey.


DT Fred Jones is taking an active leadership role with the defensive line. And Janarius Robinson is having a strong camp with better technique and comfort at the position.

Marvin Wilson appeared to be a full participant in the individual time observed.

Defensive end Josh Kaindoh was in the training area, but wasn’t obviously favoring any single body part.

Defensive end Tre Lawson was again absent.

Coach Odell Haggins lined up the sled on a decline, making it an extreme challenge for his linemen to get low, emphasizing leverage.

Robert Cooper has great power, but came in overweight. However, he has a high ceiling. Xavier Peters looked agile and powerful in his first day in pads.

I couldn’t determine a consistent order from the linebackers. They spent most of the time working on their steps, run fits, and some blitz work. I'll watch them more tomorrow.

The defensive backs worked several periods on pursuit angles. Zaquandre White was off to the side, but I don’t know if he is injured.

Existing injuries/absences

  • DB Carlos Becker continues to sit out with a foot or ankle injury (boot).
  • Freshman OL Christian Meadows remains out with his arm in a sling.
  • Amari Gainer is still on crutches and will miss all of camp most likely.
  • Defensive tackle Cedric Wood was also out with an arm injury.

(Report written via phone—will add more from notes during lunch)